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Sho Clutch

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Alright, the clutch in my '94 SHO is pretty much shot. Anyone know of a good replacement clutch either stock or Stage 1 to replace it with? I am an a pretty tight budget right now, but found a stock clutch set (Daikin #7078) for $221 at Trans Parts Plus. Any info would be great. I am going to have someone that says they have experience with SHO's put it in for $300. He also says he can sell me a stronger clutch for $360, but don't quiet know if i can swing that.
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Not sure how old this post is, and I cannot remember where I saw it exactly, but I've been finding centerforce dual friction clutches for the MTX-IV which you and I both have SHO and MT-5 for about $229.00 Or right in there give or take 10 bucks.

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