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Sho Bumper

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im going all sho on my car. cheap junkyards rule. so far ive gotten the back bumper and some of the side trim on my car, onlything im wondering bout is the front. will i hafta cut it sum to fit my car? im guessing so. i dont want to put sho lights on my car tho, dont really care for em, i want the lx lights, and clear corners.
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You can't use the LX/SE lights on the SHO bumper. The SHO bumper uses the Sable lights without the light bar, and requires that the Sable front 1/4 panels be used. You'll need to pretty much take the front clip.
Me says "JUST GO BUY AN S.H.O. "
Not saying it couldn't be done but you would need to trim and mold alot of stuff,
IMO it would be a hell of alot easier just using SHO/Sable fenders and lights.
just don't rice it up using 24V and SHO badges if it doesn't have a Yamaha under the hood. Also get a set of 16"s, I think theres some G4's for sale in the classifieds if your interested, or 17,18s whatever. G2 SHOs rule!!
ya it would be easier, but i dont like easy, i like a challenge. im wnating to be original, and i am already customizing a lot. im wanting to make a fiberglass front like the 03 cobras have, hood also, and use sum bmw 5 series headlight and the HID's.
How about this? Take the normal G2 SHO front bumper and cut off the "grille" and then Bondo the hole. Then modify it to fit on the stock Taurus mounts. Then take some of those disco ball lights and modify those to HIDs.
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