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Shift Kit Installation

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For those of you that have gotten a shift kit installed, how much was it for you to get it done? I talked to an Aamco a while ago and they said 300, then I talked to them again recently and the same place said 700. So, what gives and what should it be? Thanks.

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I dunno - are you just looking to firm up shifts?

If so you could just get a chip - plus you'd get other benefits for the chip and it would be cheaper.
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Generally a shift kit install requires the transmission valve body to be taken completely out of the car. That is why it costs so much. Mine was installed while it was being rebuilt. That is the best time to have it done. Go drive down a hill at about 50mph and shove the shifter into reverse. You will need a rebuild and the shift kit can be installed then.
(J/K BTW. Please don't do that.)
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Did you find a performance shift kit or "shift improver" kit? If it's a shift improver, don't bother, just wait till you need a rebuild, if you ever do.

I got one of those shift improver kits. In hindsight, I don't think it was worth it, but at the time, nobody could talk me out of it. Anyway, the shop I went to charged me $400, and they only did the valve body mods. The rest of the kit(that they didn't install) included some modifications to the lube passages in the planetary gears and some other crap.
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