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The headlights were used for a total of 7 hours MAYBE but then got replaced with HID's so I don't need them anymore. I'm asking for $25 with shipping included since they are used and you can get a new pair off Amazon like me for $35.

I also have a set of Wagner MX601 Brake Pads I bought off RockAuto and don't need. The story was they took too long to get to me and I had to get my brakes replaced ASAP so I bought a different set and these came a week later. I will ship them out. They are for the Front of the car. I would prefer not to ship these out as they are heavy and it will be probably $10 or something ridiculous. But I'm looking at $38 on Rockauto with shipping so I'll ask for $30 if you want it shipped and $20 if you can pick them up or live close by.

Probably easier to contact me at my email address since I'm not on here too much anymore now that my car is running great after the help I've gotten from other members!

[email protected]
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