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Thanks to TCCA member Mooby we were able to find a manufacturer who is making coilovers for the 96+ Taurus. These coilovers are coming from Canada. These are a high quality coilover that we are pleased to offer with the following features:

* 28 levels of adjustable dampening
* High quality strength aluminum alloy upper mount included
* Height adjustable
* Dual Tube Technology
* Mixed gas into oil type
* Front Pillowball top mount included.
* Dust proof set
* High tension and cold formation springs
* High quality strength aluminum alloy spring seat

The pricing will be as follows:
If we get 1-6 Orders the price is: $2000

If we get 7-13 Order the price is: $1750

If we get 14-40 Orders the price is: $1600

You can either place a deposit now here: Deposit

You can also buy them here: Selex Coilovers

If you buy them now we will refund you once we reach 7 orders or more.

This is not to have them made but to get them at a cheaper price. They are already made.

Expect around 4weeks to manufacture.

1989-1995 coilovers coming very soon.

So who is interested?
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