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I was wondering i have a chance for 2 front seats from a 1998 sho one of my dads friend is selling them and i was wondering if they will fit in my 95 taurus se do they have the same bolt patterns or are they diffrent

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just measure the bolt distances in each car. I know it is a pain, but unless the seats are way different, I don't imagine they would change to bolt patter much if at all.
If there is a problem with the size of the studs, fix accordingly.

Make sure the seats will match in the way of power/nonpower, and if this becomes an issue, say you want to put power seats in your car (if the 98 are so) make sure you have connections. If you install popwer seats with no connection, you are stuck in that same seat position...

Just so you know, if your 95 has no power seats, it may still have the plugs for the harness, but you may have to search for them, like pulling up the carpet.
If not, run some wores and get the plugs from a junkyard. (there is but one plug for each seat.)
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