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I have a problem with a seat belt retractor sticking on a 1999 Taurus SE.
It is on the front passenger side and stays in the fully retracted position.
I took the trim cover off and found that I could release the ratchet in the mechanism with a screwdriver and could then pull the belt out.
It apparently has a gear rotor mechanism that counts the turns on the drum to tell when it is fully retracted and then releases the ratchet.
I found an article on the Modded Mustang forum which explained how to rewind a weak spring and showed a picture of the ratchet mechanism, (It’s the same one.).
But no more info than that. Searching this forum showed about 3 posts on the subject, with the general consensus being "go to a junk yard and get another one."
Seriously now has anybody taken one of these things apart, and gotten an idea of what breaks in there?

Brian Evans.
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