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Is it just an Internet rumor that if you seafoam through the PCV valve that you should change your spark plugs soon there after?

Similar to how the directions say to add to crankcase and change within X number of miles.

I seem to remember someone on the forums stating that after sucking in through the PCV valve and letting sit, that the spark plugs should be changed due to the deposits being burned off. This extra dirtiness would lead to deposits collecting on the spark plugs themselves and wearing them out quicker.

I only ask because I'm going to be changing the plugs in a bit. If I can do the seafoam after and not damage the plugs then it is just one less thing to do now.


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Occasionally the spark plugs can crack after running Seafoam through the intake. But this doesn't happen often, and if it does, just replace the spark plug that failed. Its a very rare occurrence, I wouldn't worry about it.
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