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After two years of the Scosche kit, I finally had to trash it because the tiny clips that held the HU to the front panel failed...twice....different ones....on different sides.

I managed to Krazy Glue-fix the first failure, and might have been able to fix the second one, but since the failures were two years apart, I naturally assumed the same part failed again. While removing the old Scosche kit, I found out I was wrong. No matter.

I chose the Scosche over the Metra originally for three reasons:

1. Questions over lighting and knobs. If you do a search, there seemed to be many rumors over NO lighting on the Metra kits. After owning both, I can confirm that both kits are lit and there is no issue with knobs.

2. Crutchfield sells Scosche. I assumed Crutchfield would sell the better kits, since they essentially cost the same.

3. CD Slot. Hey, Scosche had one, Metra didn't. I actually counted that as a Pro. I will admit, that never, ever in the two years that I had the Scosche installed did I find a use for that slot. Not once.

Anyways, now that I have the Metra installed, it is NIGHT and DAY. It certainly doesn't look stock, however, the quality overall is MUCH better with Metra. I can't believe what I settled for with the Scosche kit. I will NEVER EVER buy a Scosche kit again. The edging of the Scosche kit was rough, never wuite keeping a consistent perimeter reveal with the dashboard. The four sets of clips that hold the radio in place are a joke. I broke two sets in two years, and you're talking to someone who still has an original transmission in a 2000 Taurus with 160,000 miles, I know how not to abuse auto parts. (three lifetime transmission fluid changes, by the way)

Anyways, I'm posting this with the hopes that someone thinking of swapping out the stock radio does a search and finds this to help them make their decision much easier. I went the wrong way, I'm man enough to admit it...don't make the same mistake...go Metra.
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