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America And Rome

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Here are so facts that are cited from a book calls "Are We Rome" look it up on google and you'll find a little bit more about the book
Here's a site for you lazy people out there
I know were not suppose to talk about this topic but i need to know what people think, and how you view the topic. The text below was just written together to put some facts.

For example, the view America’s have for them is very high. America looks out upon the world and they see lower standards. Nothing but an other American is equal to us. The Roman Empire had the very same view; in fact many people whom the Roman’s conquered could not get citizenship. For when they conquered a land they would take the people in, these people would do work that know Roman would ever do. Roman’s look out on other people and saw lower standards, and only a Roman could be equal to a Roman. (“Are We Rome” pg. 18)
Another comparison is that when you look at privation. Rome had many problems keeping private and public apart. They found it hard to keep the two from coming into contact. Rome didn’t do this just to do it, they just found it hard to keep them apart. America actually splits the two and puts what should be in the private area into public hands. For example, collecting your taxes, patrolling the streets with rent a cop, and defending our boards. Even in war zones you have mercenaries coming in and fighting for money. (“Are We Rome” pg. 19)
Rome and America are very similar some might say, but I think in the end we might become some what the same. If this does turn out to be true, then America is in for a very rude awaking. The Romans had many things going wrong for them, and there was just to many things happening at once. The fact that there armies were now in the hands of there enemies. Was one reason, along with the fact that most of the armies were busy dealing with to many wars at a time; so many factors played against them that in the end that they just broke under the pressure.
Other similar thing that ties us to becoming the Romans is that the view we had of the outside world was that they were not as powerful as us. We were the cocky jock and know one could beat us. So did the Romans, they viewed the rest of the world as small and weak. That’s another reason why the fell, instead of sending so many troops they would send a smaller amount thinking that they were better and could defeat them.
(“Are We Rome” pg 19)
The boarder problems America is having, Rome had to. They handled it a little bit differently they we are. When there boarder came up to a poor civilization they would just take in that civilization into its own. America does take in many people ever year, though they usually come because they want to not because we bump into them. (“Are We Rome” pg 19-20) Rome had advanced very far into Europe, and had built a wall known as Hadrian’s Wall. (“Are We Rome” pg. 155) The wall defended people who where coming to trade with the Romans. The wall was used as a mile stone, and was not to be used in combat. It just said the Romans have made it this far. Though this was a wall not made for battle it was very huge. For the time that it was built in the was big. (“We Are Rome” pg 154-155) There walls were used for war, and not for keeping people from crossing over. Like our wall down in south to block people from coming up from Mexico.
Since the Romans had become so big, they started having an effect on the rest of there world. Just like America, when we have a problem in our economy so does the rest of the world. Romans had the same issue, if they had a shortage of something the rest would have that same problem. Since most people depended on them having the supplies. ( “Are We Rome” pg. 20)

America seems to have its nose in everyone else’s world. America has bases all over the world, in almost every country. With America stores, and religions, and America style TV there. The Romans had the same thing; in fact the Roman armies had bases or camps all over the place. There armies carried with them everything they needed. The Romans carried people to build structures, they carried farmers and there herds. They carried there culture around with them where ever they went. Just like America, the Romans would bring there culture to where ever they were at. (“Are we Rome” pg 62-64) Another military similarity is that the Romans had such a superior military that they were very dominate in that there really was know other military force that could beat them. Just as America is dominate in there military so too was Rome. (“Are We Rome pg 65)
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