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Saw A 1999 V8 Sho For Sale !

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I was running an errand and went past the local Ford dealer (Shamrock Ford in Dublin) and saw a beautiful 1999 V8 SHO on the lot. So after cutting off about 4 people I swing into the lot. I think is had like 55k or 60k miles on it, they were ASKING $10991 for it. If I knew my wife wouldn't have me drawn and quartered, you would be looking at a new SHO owner, if I talked them down to about $8k.
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Just let her drive it and she won't say a word, except MINE, MINE, MINE :banana:
I had to get her a new Honda Accord EX V-6 to keep her quite. She is typical Taurus frowner (not hater, but close)
Accord EX V-6 is a nice car. Hey at least she didn't ask for a hyundai accent lol.
Originally posted by Troper8@May 12 2004, 12:30 PM
I had to get her a new Honda Accord EX V-6 to keep her quiet.
HAHa, I like your wife :p

I'm sure you can do better than 8 for a used sho though. The crowd chants...JEFF JEFF...JEFF ....
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