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Sable Problems

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With a bit more information, maybe someone can give me an idea of what is going on here. I'm going nuts trying to fix this problem.

My '93 Sable 3.0 refuses to start. I *believe* that the problem is spark/electrical in nature. However, now I am having difficulty getting the car to even crank. While jumped, everything in the car works (lights come on, dash lights are bright). However, when you go to crank to start, everything dims including the dash lights. The car will attempt to crank over and the engine spins slowly, but it doesn't appear to have enough power to actually crank at a normal speed.

Is this (and some of the other electrical issues) possibly related to bad battery cables? Bad ground? How can I pinpoint the reason for the lack of power reaching the starter?

FWIW, I am unsure if the battery is good or bad, since it may not be getting proper charging from the electrical system if there are bad cables. Also, the bolt that grounds some of the wiring to the core support (in front of the battery) doesn't appear to want to tighten down properly.

All help is greatly appreciated!
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Got to have a good ground to make it all work.
I figured that the grounding point was probably at fault, but I still suspect the battery cables as well. Is there a good way to test them?
There are two ways to check wiring for current carrying capacity and condition, one under load and the other no load. Both require an ohm/volt meter.

Under load, meaning with all the accessories running or when cranking, set the meter on DC millivolts and look at the reading when probing the cable at each end. The higher the reading the more voltage drop or resistance.

Under no load check each end of the cable with the meter set in the ohm setting. This should be less than a half an ohm.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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