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Item(s) Purchased: Kenwood power amplifier

Date Purchased: February 2004

Experience: Positive

Shipping: Light speed. Ryne has found a way to open a hole in the time-space continuum to allow the item to arrive before I have even purchased it. I'd give it two thumbs up, but due to the fact that I am a berserker, and an alien, I give it 5.1 thumbs up.

Comments: Installed amp, worked great. Blew the crap out of my stock speakers. Blew the crap out of my cheap aftermarket speakers. Blew the crap out of the bags of manure in my trunk. Had to clean trunk. Amp is also very heavy for a 35x4, and large, doubles as a self defence tool when Chi punching not an option. If you want anything that Ryne is selling, buy it and rest assured you will get it, and it will work.
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