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Hi again everyone,
Quick question for one of you all knowing Taurus fanatics ;) ...
I've been looking around the web for a new set of Parking (Emergency) Brake cables, and have yet been unable to find a price on any. Since it is too late in the evening to call up AutoZone, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how much they go for.

Pretty much here's the latest on the car: I just had new shoes put on the rear. The old ones were down to the rivets.. (wonder if that was why they were skeaking...) The drums are in great condition still though. I also had a new spring kit put on to the rear as well, the old springs were a bit on the uber-rusty side. HOWEVER, my e-brake hasn't worked for a long time now. I know that the cable is fine up to the adjustment (the one that is around the back seat driver's side door). The lines from that adjustment to the back wheels, however, don't want to clamp down on the brakes.

So, again, any help would be great. If you have had similar experiences, please post :) Also - Any Advice?!

Thanks again everyone!
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