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1994 Sable GS 4 door sedan.

The Ford body shop mgr says this is or will become a structural problem with the unibody. He wants to replace the entire rocker panel, but its obsolete and he can't get it new. Then he started muttering about trying to find it at a junkyard already attached to the "A" pillar... $$$$$

I've cleaned it up now and I want to know if something that drastic is really needed. Why not just weld on a stiff piece of steel long enough; or install a subframe connector like the hot rodders use? And patch it to keep water out of course. I've read about how it needs to be MIG welded & skip spots to keep the heat down.

This hole is on the driver's side -- but I see rust in the same place on the passenger side as well, but I don't think its all the way thru yet. I have not poked at that side yet.

The hole is on the bottom surface of the rocker panel, starting 5 inches aft of the rear screw of the two which attach the "A" pillar. It is 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The flange is gone for most of the 7 inches, but the welds to the floor pan are ok; the floor pan is not yet involved in the rust.

I found a second hole in front of it in the side of the rocker panel under the plastic trim. It is about 3" long x 2" oval. It begins just aft of the front end of the rocker panel. Maybe this is where the water got in to rust the bottom.

There is a 1/4" weep hole in the bottom of the front of the rocker panel, but its in the center and the panel slopes inward; the hole is in the wrong place to let water drip unless the rocker panel is flooded!

At the location of the 3x2 hole, I can see that some of the interior portion of the rocker panel is also rusted away; part of the actual "beam" stringer-- the interior vertical metal with oval holes stamped in it which seems to be the heaviest structural portion.

I'm not sure how involved the "A" Pillar is in this; the pillar itself is fine but I can't visualize what (if any) flanges the pillar has which would overlap & be welded to the end of the rocker panel. Maybe some of that interior support is rusted too.

I need a detailed drawing of how the "A" Pillar and rocker panel are fitted together.
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