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Running Stock Chromes In Winter?

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i bought a g4 sable last fall and it had every option including the chrome rims, it didn't come with an alternate set of rims, and my dealer told me it was fine to run the chromes in the winter. so far i don't think there's any problems, i've been rinsing them off everyday day or two, and i haven't seen any spots yet (which happened on my aftermarket chromes on a different car very quickly) i live in michigan, should i be worried about running the stock chromes in the winter despite what the dealer says? also did my dealer lie, or does ford just not give alternate wheels when you get chrome? i would highly recommend to anyone that's thinking about buying the stock chrome dipped rims on ebay not to, they're garbage, and start peeling majorly after just 3 or 4 weeks even with thorough daily washing. just spend the extra money and find oem chrome that are not dipped, bec they seem to be very good quality (so far).
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My sable is a 2000 with the 5 spoke "chromtec" rims. This will be its 4th winter, and the rims look as good as new ones that I see. Right now they are covered with salt, cinders, and other road crap that it picked up in the winter. It is impossible to keep my car clean (black) during winter, so I just really don't try too hard, just a quick run through the touchless car wash every now and again to get the extra salt off. I just prep the car in the fall for a long harsh winter. When spring comes, it will get a full detail.
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