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Running Lights Wont Come On..help!

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OK..Dash lights wont come on so I look and find out the running lights arent on either. I thought this might me a safety feature (as in HEY..your running lights arent on so we will make the dash lights not work so you notice it) so I checked my mini fuses under dash..nothing so I pulled ALL of them, all good. I also checked the fuses under the hood..all good. Then I pulled the bulbs in the back..they are all good. My break lights work, my headlights work (did I mention my daytime lamps and auto lamps at night havent worked for some time?) but no running lamps front or back. We pulled the switch out to look at it..there are 2 plug ins..one for switch and one for dash dimmer switch..you have to have the dimmer switch pluged in to get the headlights to work, that seemed odd. With the headlight switch unpluged the socket shows voltage..plug it in and it doesnt show any voltage. PLEASE help me!! Thanks in advance fellas! :notworthy:
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Running lamps are the lights that are on when your headlights are on..not DAYTIME lamps. As in the lights that light up from behind at night and the 2 amber round lights up front. Well went to a junkyard and got a new switch..and the headlight still turns on but no running lights still..is there a realay that could be bad. I am 5 hours away from my books so I cant look there, figgured someone here might have an answer. So again..running lights wont come on, headlights work fine, brake lights work fine, not a fuse, signals work..not switch or fuse..HELP a brother out!! :chili: :banana: :notworthy:
Who the hell would call them PARKING lights..why would you turn lights on when you park? We have been calling them running lights for 30 years..as do every mechanic I know..so we will continue to use that term! :D But I will look for the relay..dont know where it is but I will keep looking!
lol..but yall also have hot women, great weather, funny people, and those weird hoppong things that will kick the crap out of you with those big feet if ya get to close!
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