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Runnin' With Cousin's '93 Sho

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My cousin (the mother of the 14 year old I mentioned in "Pimp In A Pontiac!") has a 1993 Taurus SHO 5-speed. Well, we were going to his (14 y/o) baseball game the other night and he wanted to ride back with me and his mom and dad drove the SHO. We got stuck behind a trio of Toyotas (a Camry, 4Runner, then a Tacoma) and finnaly came to an area to pass, so we let them go. The Taurus' both blew away the 'Yotas and I started to pass the SHO but she downed another gear and put me back behind her. Well, we ran for a good 10 miles at over 90 mph (spedo buried) and then we came to a fork that required us to stop to make our turn. As we turned, I turned sharply and got into the opposing lane and passed her. Who says 3.0 's dont have it in the low-end? I managed to keep her behind me (not easy) until our turn off and when we got to the house, she was all red faced but had a big smile. All she said was "Taurus put it on 'em, didnt they babe?" LOL! To top it all off, my cousin won his base ball game 14-6
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Wow, that's cool. I never have any exciting drives. Whenever I use the interstate, I'm usually going out of town with my family in the van.
I forgot to mention that both these stories take place on rual country roads, no where near the big city. No way would I drive like that in heavy traffic or anything. Things are boring sometimes in Mississippi, so we do what we can to spice things up a bit. ;)
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