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Hi TCCA and Forum Members,

I was sitting out in the driveway last night at dusk, looking down the barrel at our 2000 Taurus SE Duratek, and a recently acquired 2011 Fusion. I have to say that I like the looks of the 2000 Taurus better. I like the Italian curves and styling. To the contrary, the grill of the Fusion reminds me of a three blade shaving razor and the body was designed with a straight edge ruler. The fit of the hood on the front grill of the Fusion is not good at all either. It was not wrecked either. I adjusted one of the hood bumpers up as far as it would go and the gap between the hood and grill is somewhat better, but not precision for sure. That said . . .
If interested, I found this and maybe that's why I liked the Taurus body styling:
Rounded Corners vs Sharp Corners

Regards . . .
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