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Listen to JW above.

I just fixed my oil pressure light, but to do so I ended up testing it myself. On the vulcan engine, it's not hard to do and if you need some pictures of where the sensor is, I can get them to you.

I actually have the $25 oil pressure gauge from Autozone. The parts stores do not 'rent' one out because a little oil will get into the line. Hooking up one of these gauges is the only real way to tell what your oil pressure is within the engine.

Here are some specs: The oil pressure light will start to come on (aka flicker) at 6 psi. A properly maintained engine will hold 40-60 psi of pressure at 2500 RPM. If the pressure is not being maintained it is one of the following (or combination)
- Camshaft Synchro is failing, and failing to drive the oil pump
- Oil pump is failing
- Rod Bearings that connect the push rod to the camshaft (or crankshaft I can never remember) are worn and allowing oil to seep out of them (thus not maintaining pressure)

I have only learned all this from the forums here.

As for your rough idle, if no codes are thrown there are a few things to check.

As mentioned before, spark plugs could be shot or a vacuum leak could be present. Plug wires could have a short in them, and causing an arch (although those two usually throw a code). The throttle body may be gunked up. The Idler Air Contol (IAC) could need a cleaning (or replacement). And last, fuel injectors could need replacement.

There is a great deal to look at but tackling them one at a time, you can surely fix this yourself. I manage to replace the Camshaft Synchro and Oil Pressure switch within 2 hours (start to finish). The parts cost me just over $100.

Write back and let us know!
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