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I would be hesitant to suggest that your engine is worn internally, as someone had similar issues to this a little while back and fixed it without touching the engine. You should understand that the oil light is probably indicating that you have low oil pressure, if you had a pressure test done then you need to know the results of that test. Does the light flicker or go steady?

The garages are probably terrified of that oil light being on, they know it could mean big trouble.

I'm going to assume that you have a Vulcan, you need to check the Camshaft Synchronizer for being bad. That might be some of your issue, do you have a squeak on the drivers side of the engine? You should at least pull and inspect it.

It's always possible that someone let the syncro shear somewhat, and that lead to the bottom end being prematurely worn causing the oil light when warm, it's more apparent when the RPMs are below the norm.

As already mentioned, you'll need to give us any engine codes for help in diagnosing the issue.
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