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Hey Guys,

I am currently having trouble with my 2002 Taurus OHV. It is idling real crappy like and it looks like my gas mileage is going down. I used to get a fill light at 380 so that means roughly 100 miles per quarter indicator on meter. Right now its about to push 65 on the first quarter hatch.

Any way I put Iridium spark plugs on and gapped to 0.044". I cleaned my MAF with MAF specific cleaner. I replaced my serpentine belt just recently (week and a half ago). I had my oil and filter replaced ~350 miles ago. I put in some sea foam to clean up my induction system ~750 miles ago. I thought my tranny was slipping so I took it to my mechanic and had him throw the comp on it to check some codes. Tranny is fine (I will be dropping the pan to replace the filter and fluids soon) but it's throwing an O2 sensor code (heating element in bank 2 sensor one, which is top side back bank). I have the tool and the sensor for to replace that.

I tried to reset my ECM by disconnecting the Negative terminal and turning my key to the accessory location on the ignition I was cleaning the MAF, replacing plugs, and attempted to replace the O2 sensor the first time.

Can anyone help with this or give some advice?

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