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Rolling Up Milage On Odometer...

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I just got a working Taurus Police Package speedometer for my 1993 LX from a junkyard. However, the milage is significantly lower than the speedometer in my car.

How do I roll up the miles for the milage to match what's actual to my car?

BTW, this speedometer uses the six digit mechanical odometer. The archived post detailing how to change milage on the odometer is for the five digit mechanical odometer. The gears which turn the digits are not outside and accessible, like the five digit odometers have them. - Reinhart
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i use a pencil with an eraser at the end to roll the digits, actually just did it this morning!

Use the pencil eraser end to roll the digits up in value, not down. Each digit will be hard to roll but will "pop" to the next spot.

Sorry the explanation is not clear.


PS you dont need to take the speedo apart at all to do this, it was all done from the front.
I rolled my odo up when I installed an SHO gauge cluster...I used the instructions in the mods section...it was kinda hard, but after doing it a 3rd time, I can change the odo in 10 minutes. Only advice is to make sure the numbers that you want to show through the slot matches up when you put the gauge face back in.
Hook a power drill to the thing that turns the speedo needle in the back and run it at 140 MPH for a while.
So that's how some of those guys are getting pics of their speedo showing 140 MPH...
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is there a cable that drives the odo? (gen 3?)
Originally posted by Qwertz9586@Mar 29 2004, 08:22 PM
Hook a power drill to the thing that turns the speedo needle in the back and run it at 140 MPH for a while.
I tried a drill, but it would only rotate fast enough to make the needle hit 80.

Also, it would still take too long even if it did ran at 140. It would have to roll up from 109,000 miles to 208,000 miles.

Anyways, I figured out how to do it and the milage is now actual to my vehicle.

Now all I have to do is wait until Thursday for two new tires and installation of a new set of rear engine subframe mounts. Also have to get around to getting the transmission power flushed.

Thank you all for your replies. - Reinhart
Originally posted by Qwertz9586@Mar 29 2004, 09:22 PM
Yep, lol!

Certified Calibration. Those are some cool words to grace a speedometer, which was also why I chose the police package speedo over the SHO speedo they had there as well. Not to mention that the junkyard guy charged me $40 for the police cluster while the SHO cluster was going for $70. I would've preferred taking only the speedometer, but the proprietor wouldn't allow separation of the components prior to sale.

I just took the speedo out of the Police L cluster and popped it into my LX cluster with the tachometer when I got it home and after I rolled up the miles.

What had happened to those cars was also kind of sad.

The car that had the speedo that I installed in my bull ran a red light and was t-boned at full speed. The rear half of the car on the driver side was smashed to almost half the width. But the drivetrain was still good, which was why it's no longer in the car. Going to get another part off that car later when funds permit and that's the front fascia with the bottom part cut out to allow extra airflow to the radiator. It would have to be painted from hunter green to silver.

The SHO that had the cluster I also considered on getting apparently tailgated someone. The whole front of the car was smacked hard and the 3.2 SHO engine looked like it hit the firewall. The cluster is still there.
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I got the whole cluster from a '91 Taurus L po-po for $10!!! I couldn't believe it! I felt that had to be the best deal I've ever gotten. The car was missing the front end, but the rest of it was fine.

And I agree, "Certified Calibration" just makes it look so much more special.
I got my SHO cluster off ebay for $20 shipping included...but its from a '91...stupid yellow gauges <_<
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