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Roland - Two More Quick Questions

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I'veheard the bolts that hold the exhaust to the manifold assembly snap rather easily. My thought was to spray them with Liquid Wrench the night before and let it sit all night. Any other suggestions?

Finally, when positioning the crank at TDC, are the marks that line it up visual from the top (looking down through the hood) or from underneath?
Thanks and hope you have a good weekend.
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when you do ur timing chain. pl take pics & possible do a write up for other TCCA'ers.
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On the exhaust bolts/nuts... That's exactly what I do. I haven't busted any yet; maybe I'm lucky, but I think I,m just good (Hehehehe...)

I set the timing mark at TDC when pulling the harmonic balancer (got to use a puller). The cam/crank gear marks are visable ok from the top. Just get a good light down in there. You gotta put the new gears in the new chain (marks lined up) and slide both gears on at the same time. Then pour some oil over the chain and gears before putting the cover back on.

Don't forget the (thin film of) blue RTV on all the gaskets.

Good luck
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