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Any bulls here in Texas or near Texas interested in testing their skills driving a road course, or never had their bull on a road course? Well this is your chance to try it out. I have a date penciled in for Sunday Jan. 16th at MRS (MotorSport Ranch) for a "focus day" or "club day".

MSR is a 1.7 mile road course designed by 2 formula 1 track designers in Cresson, Tx. Cresson is 14 miles south of the intersection of I-20 and 377 south of Ft. Worth, Tx. A "focus day" involves 3 classroom instructions, 2 lead and follows, then 4 open sessions on the track. MSR owns their own FM radio station that they broadcast over during the lead and follow instruction periods to give you tips on how to attack the track. The 1st lead and follow you will drive no faster than 50 or so mph so you can learn the line on the track, the 2nd lead and follow the pace will be picked up so you and your car will know what to expect during the open sessions. Passengers are allowed during the lead and follows but not during the open sessions. Also during the open sessions a helmet is required.

The cost for the "focus day" is $100. per participant, and if you don't have a helmet they rent them for $10.

Later after I know how many plan on participating I will post payment arrangements.

you can go here to see pics of the course.


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