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The tranny in my '94 Sable w/ 118,000 miles won't shift into second or third gear at all. When I shift it manually into second, the car acts as if it was put into neutral. It never makes it into third (or overdrive for that matter). All I have is reverse and first if I put it there manually.

The fluid level is fine, color is fine. The fluid and filter was changed ~23000 miles ago.

The car gave no warning when it happened. I thought I accidently bumped the lever into neutral.

Am I now in the blown tranny club I've heard so much about. If if is blown, this is the least amount of miles I've ever put on a domestic car before something terminal happened. It might be my last ford.


It sounds like yours could potentially be salvageable. I'd recommend getting a shop to look at it ASAP. As far as it being your first problem with a domestic car at that mileage and your comment about it being your last Ford, I would have to say that most other auto makers have the same problems with about the same or less mileage (particularly ones made around that same time). Plus, you should consider - the car is 10 years old - tranny technologies have advanced light years since then. :)
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