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Quick run down, need new rims and want to stay 16” for now.
These are from a 96 Volvo Turbo, they are 16”x6.5”, 5 lug, 108 mm bolt pattern alloy rim. (not sure of the bore size, if you know, pipe in!) Am I missing anything? I am thinking they resemble the gen4 slicers and could look decent on my bull. Lets here it...


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For early Ford Taurus and Sable models with 15" rims, go to later model Taurus, Sable or Windstar 16" rims. Double check for clearance, but these should fit without any problems. Thunderbird, Cougar and Lincoln rims also work, but they may be priced a little bit higher. Surprisingly, some Ferrari wheels will also fit (just don't ask the price).

Volvo wheels also fit, but you should obtain hub centric rings (made of plastic) to reduce centre bore from 65.1 mm to the Ford Taurus 63.9 mm.

Best advice? Educate yourself on the importance of the numbers, find a local tire dealer willing to take the time to allow you to check out wheels (and tires) and stick with him. Alternatively, pay your money and buy recommended packages from the larger dealers like Tire Rack.

The numbers? Always install wheels by the numbers. The key numbers you will have to remember are as follows:
Bolt circle: number of bolts by diameter of circle through the bolts. For the Taurus this value is 5 by 107.9mm (5x108) metric or 5x4.25 inches - these are the same by the way. All Taurus, Sable and Windstar up to 2005 are the same. The new Taurus is different.
Centre Bore: This value is 63.9 mm for all these Ford models apparently.
Offset: Positive offset for Taurus/Sable/Windstar is anywhere from +35mm to +45mm. This value is also affected by wheel width.
Wheel width: Wider rims give your tires more stability (better handling). Too wide and rims rub in the wrong places. Wider is better as long as it fits.
Rim diameter: Larger is my preference. Too high though and tire aspect ratio is so low as to provide little flexibility and poor ride.

Finally, what am I running? My current wagon (2000) runs 17" Volvo rims in summer with P225/55R17 Michelin HydroEdge and stock Taurus 16" rims with P215/60R16 Michelin X-Ice in winter. Very happy with both setups.

2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon (Stock): P215/60R16 26.16 inches
2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon (Plus One): P225/55R17 26.74 inches

1995 Ford Taurus GL Wagon (Stock): P205/65R15 25.49 inches
1995 Ford Taurus GL Wagon (Plus One): P215/55R16 25.31 inches
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