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Rim Options

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which rims to go with?
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here's one option: others to come tomorrow


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I am sorry, but those rims will make you look like you are, what 50c would say, a wanksta(?sp).
We have another saying here on the Southside of Chicago, but I can not use it on the boards. Don't tell me you will be going for spinners
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Not a fan, stick with the SHO slicers for now, and get some 17s.

Something with a polished lip, like Toms SHO.

these aren't for my car, just so everyone knows...i'm just doing the PSing...


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What are your thoughts on the rims? which one of the 3 do you like best? rank them


3rd option with silver finish, not chrome. But that is just me. Chrome does not belong on a Taurus, it belongs on a Lincoln or Caddy. When you rims look like they cost %50 of what your car is worth, it makes that driver look like an amateur.
It is my opinion, and since opnions are like a.... You know the rest.
I'm not really into any of these. Have you tried going to TireRack.com? The have some good looking rims IMO.
I know an opinion is an opinion so no offence taken on if you like them or not... i would actually like more input for all

mth676 Posted on Apr 22 2004, 10:47 PM
  I'm not really into any of these. Have you tried going to TireRack.com? The have some good looking rims IMO. [/b]
I have kinda scaned the site which ones would you suggest? Suggestions anyone?
Preference in rims is very individual.

Me- I agree, no chrome rims on a Taurus. Also, I like a *lot* of clean, simple rim. Something with either a lot of spokes or five (not six!) larger spokes.

Some of the thin-spoked rims look to delicate for the size and shape of the Taurus. They look like a male body builder wearing stilleto heels. (AHHHHHHHhhhhhh the visual... the pain... the pain...!)

I think rims should look more masculine, but not guady. No ghetto bling, no gold nugget stuff, or rope chains. Rims should accent the entire car, work with the shape, not detract from it.

The Taurus is a sedan with a little Euro style, not a truck or a sports car. To me, the rims should suggest a little power, a little Gran Turismo, and a little elegance.

The Voxx Saga is my choice for that luxury/elegant look, but it's out of production. Or the Moda 3 (although I don't like it as much as the Saga. For the power look, I'd want something like the '94-'96 Impala SS heavy 5-spoke wheels. The best I've ever seen, and I'd like something similar on my '02. But I haven't seen anything that comes close. (You don't want your Bull wearing ballerina shoes, do you?)

I don't like tapered spokes for the Bull, either. The same width top and bottom, and somewhat wide. Brushed aluminum with a very polished lip, or in second place- silver with a polished lip, and third- anthracite with a polished lip.

And I don't think anything bigger than 18s look good, and I'm thinking maybe 17s look better.

Then there is tire size, but that's a whole 'nother discussion.
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