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Product Name: Sylvania ZEVO 3157 Super Bright LED Bulbs

Price Paid: Varies. I paid $26.99/set, can be had for more or less elsewhere.

Purchased From: O'Reilly Auto Parts

Product Description: These LED bulbs are unlike other conventional LED bulbs, they angle the light back at the reflectors in the housing instead of out through the lens.

The Review: After stumbling across a video demonstrating them on YouTube, I decided to try a pair out for myself and was pleasantly surprised. I purchased a set of 3157R (red) bulbs for my taillights, and, when used with a Novita EP34 LED Flasher Relay, was a complete plug and play install on my '02. They work great and I have had the bulbs in there for about a month with no issues. When using them where they will function as a turn signal (front, rear, or both) they will require either resistors wired in, or your factory flasher relay to be replaced with one designed to cancel out hyperflash caused by LEDs. The EP34 Flasher Relay I used (the only one that would work in my application) was too tall for my interior fuse box cover to fit back on the fuse box (not a big deal for me)

Pros: Plug and play, large difference between parking/tail lights, and brake/turn signal lights, just as bright or brighter than an incandescent bulb, Crisp instant on-off, ***DRAMATICALLY INCREASES THE SAFETY OF YOUR VEHICLE*** (HP study shows proper LED brake lights increase stopping distance of car behind you by ONE WHOLE CAR LENGTH at 65mph ---> https://chemlinks.beloit.edu/BlueLight/pages/hp/an1155-3.pdf)

Cons: The angled LED bulb shows a slight dark area where the bulb head is, you wouldn't see this with a clear glass incandescent, if you use these bulbs where they will function as a turn signal (front, rear, or both), you will need to wire in resistors or replace the factory flasher relay with a Novita EP34 LED Flasher Relay (in Gen 4 and 4.5, 2000-2007, other years/gens may vary). When using the EP34 LED Flasher Relay in a Gen 4 and 4.5, 2000-2007, the interior fuse box cover will not fit back on the fuse box (I just put it in my glovebox for safe keeping)

Final verdict:
Excellent bulbs, they illuminate just as bright or brighter than OEM incandescents, and the study I linked above shows LED technology to be much safer than incandescent, increasing stopping distance of vehicles behind by 1 whole car length from 65mph.

Some quick examples of what the product looks like in use:

Comparison between incandescents (on the left in the video) and the ZEVO Super Bright LEDs (on the right):

Both LED bulbs installed on each side:

Both LED bulbs installed, comparing the brightness of the signal/brake to the factory LED 3rd brake lights:
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