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Product Name: Ball joint service kit
Price Paid: ~$75
Purchased From: Harbor Freight, 2014
Product Description: Tool kit presses out and presses in ball joints
The Review: First a couple of disclaimers. The ball joints I replaced had been removed and replaced last June. So they were not timelocked in place and they had been lubed when the new ones went in. And, I use a 500 ft/lb air impact to drive the C-Clamp, which is mostly not suggested. For my use, the parts of the kit were a pretty good fit, I wouldn't try to use this tool in commercial applications, and if I were doing Taurus front ends very much, I would probably expand the kit some.
Pros:Worked as I'd hoped it would.
Cons: Some reports of users bending the C-clamp. Only a 90 day warranty, so if you bend it out of warranty, you're screwed.
Final verdict: (optional)For me, tools that work well are a real pleasure. This tool got the big fist in the air, 'Yeah!' reaction from me. We'll see if it survives doing the ball joints on my '96 Dakota 4wd.
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