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Originally posted by joe119@Aug 1 2005, 01:07 PM
How hard are those gauges to instal? :x:
Installation is actually quite simple - don't let my directions intimidate you. There are things that you should know before installing white face guages.

1) Remove dash surrounding around gauges. (There are two bolts on the bottom of the hood-type piece over the gauges just above the steering wheel.)

2) Remove the clear plastic cover over the gauges. (This will require a 5 pointed star screwdriver. There are 8 or 10 gold colored star pattern screws that hold on the clear gauge cover.)

3a) Attach white face guages over stock gauges while making sure to line up icons (turn signals lights, cruise light.. etc.)

3b) You also have an option to remove the black plastic gauge covers if you'd like. (leaving the stock blak covers underneath the white gauges-what I did-will make the icons the same color they were originaly. Without the black behind the white gauges, the icons are all yellow.

4) Find a wire that is "hot" when the headlights are on to connect the 12v power supply wire to. (splice into the headlight wires behind the light switch)

5) Find a ground wire for the negative wire, or ground the wire to the car somewhere close by.

6) Reinstall guage covers.

7) Mount control switch near steering wheel. (mine is next to the light knob)

NOTE: The stock dimmer switch should remain at full brightness when the gauges are on. Use the dimmer switch on the gauges themselves to adjust brightness.
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