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Retrofitting G2 Parts In To A G1

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Hey I have a 1990 Taurus. When I was fooling around trying to put a different hoods on my 89 SHO i noticed that the hood from a 1992 had the same dimensions, bolt locations etc.

Keeping that in mind, remember that guy who had taken the g4 front sheet metal (hood, fenders) bumper and lights from a G4 and easily retrofitted it to his G3 Taurus, remember? the resulting look was phenomenal.

The verdict was the frame was identical/incredibly similar in the g3, g4 models.

What if Ford did the same thing on the G1/G2 model years? I never got a chance to try before my 1992 got towed to the wrecker.

But the G1, and G2 look quite similar, except for different sheet metal/trunk lid in the back, and the different hood and fenders lights etc in the front.

Would the front fenders, lights and bumper bolt up to a G1? Cuz that would be wicked, especially if the SHO header panel could be used.
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I would think G1 and G2 are the same. It's only a cosmetic change, but I think they're structurally identical.
The doors on G1s and G2s are the same.
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