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Retrofitting G2 Parts In To A G1

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Hey I have a 1990 Taurus. When I was fooling around trying to put a different hoods on my 89 SHO i noticed that the hood from a 1992 had the same dimensions, bolt locations etc.

Keeping that in mind, remember that guy who had taken the g4 front sheet metal (hood, fenders) bumper and lights from a G4 and easily retrofitted it to his G3 Taurus, remember? the resulting look was phenomenal.

The verdict was the frame was identical/incredibly similar in the g3, g4 models.

What if Ford did the same thing on the G1/G2 model years? I never got a chance to try before my 1992 got towed to the wrecker.

But the G1, and G2 look quite similar, except for different sheet metal/trunk lid in the back, and the different hood and fenders lights etc in the front.

Would the front fenders, lights and bumper bolt up to a G1? Cuz that would be wicked, especially if the SHO header panel could be used.
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Ok here's the gist of it in my experience. It will all bolt up just fine, if you use all the G2 parts, I'm actually contemplating doing this to my car but not sure yet. The only thing I am unsure of is the backs of the fenders with the shape of the doors, would they match? Easy thing to check in a wrecking yard if you wanna get down to it.

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