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It's time. Between TCCA and all our contributions being sold out to people who really don't care, the person responsible for said sellout being too chicken to offer the details of the transaction, and the recent despicable canning of a couple moderators (as well as removal from their elected chapter positions) without prior warning, I am hereby resigning my post as President of the Northern Chapter. This site has gone so far down the toilet it's unbelievable.

Besides, since this is a for-profit organization now and I'm not getting paid (like the admins and probably a couple select moderators are), I don't feel like putting forth any effort for someone else's financial gain.

I won't nominate anyone to take my place as I've got a feeling there's not going to be much activity here anymore, and I don't expect anyone to want to offer their service to this board, especially when chapter mods don't get so much as an acknowledgment when they try to raise concerns about goings-on (and it was this way long before the current debacle went down).

Don't count on this resignation to be accepted any time soon. Another chapter president attempted to resign months ago and the administration continues to ignore his request.

Although I expect this thread to be summarily deleted, I offer up one last word to the management:

When this place turns into a ghost town, I hope you can get over yourselves long enough to comprehend why.
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