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Hello to all - just found this site after an hour or so of Googling and it sure looks great. I am not what I would call a "car person" and don't really know much about my car except that when I put the key in it starts and it takes me where I want to go.

Well, one of my headlights burned out the other day, so I went down to Shuck's and they handed me the Sylvania 9004 XV/2 halogen bulbs. Problem is, I have no idea in you-know-where how to install the things. I found a couple of sites that tell you how to do it, but none are Taurus-specific and when I open my hood, it looks nothing like those in the "helpful" pictures!

Is there a link to a "How To" or "FAQ" type guide (with pictures, if possible) to installing these things?

Thank you so very much in advance,

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