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Replacing Head Gasket On 99?

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OK..so here it is. It appears my roomate blew her head gasket on her 99 Taurus V6. 120,XXX miles or so.. Single overhead cam..is it worth fixing or trying to find a lower mile engine for $600 or so and doing an engine swap? I am use to mustangs and imports so I have some knowledge but not on this car. What all is involved..how long should it take..and is it worth it? I have the manual for the car but it really doesnt seem to show much (Haynes) so any response would be great!
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99 Taurus didn't have a single overhead cam engine. They either had the DOHC Duratec or the pushrod Vulcan.
But, I have a 3.8 Essex "Headgasket Shredder" engine, so I can't offer much help with either of those two engines...
Originally posted by DeltarMN@Mar 2 2004, 02:04 AM
The Vulcan is a "OHC" engine.
Vulcan = OHV

Duratec = OHC
Sorry guys..just was told itm was a single overhead..I havent looked at it yet, I can run out and see what it is. One sec..ok all it says on the valve cover is "3.0 V6" so who knows. Any ideas?
Ok the 3.0 Vulcan is a Overhead Valve engine(pushrods)....trust me I have rebuilt
three of these engines and its not a hard thing to do....I wish I could do that stuff for a livin
So what all has to be removed..I assume intake, plugs, walve covers, rockers, pushrods..then head. Am I close? Thanks again for the help..how long do you think it takes, what all do I need to replace, and is it worth it?
I replaced the headgasket on the 3.0L a few years ago with my cousin. I remember we had to remove some of the accessories and belts. We also removed the radiator for some reason.
It took us about 3 days of good work.
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I've done head gaskets on my 3.0 in about 8 hours. Basically it's all of what you said. Not a bad job for a decent shadetree mechanic.
curious..anyone have any luck with addatives? Like the Bar's Block Seal & Head Gasket Repair? I had heard that they work well..easy way to put off the gasket replacement, so I am looking at anything I can. All input is great!
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