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Replaced Serpentine Belt, Cleaned Pulleys

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I just replaced my serpentine belt with a Good Year gatorback one. I also cleaned all the pulleys. I also turned all the pulleys to make sure they are fine, which they were.

So, now I still have that squeaking whenever I accelerate. It is not bad, but you can still hear it. Also, I noticed that the belt now sounds like a have a turbo in the car (kind of like a turbine sound).

Any idea what I need to make the area quiet again?

I have 00 Vulcan with 50K on it.
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Check your coolant level to make sure you have enough. The squeaking could be caused by the water pump if there isn't enough coolant running through it to lubricate the impeller.
I have filled up the coolant to be in that "cold fill range". Well, I am still getting squeaking. Problem is, because it is that tight in there, I can't locate exactly where it is coming from. It only squeaks when I rev up the engine, it is not constant screeching, it is more like a "mouse squeak".

It is coming from mid to lower area of the drive belt.
Go to a parts store or sears or somewhere that sells tools and pick up a mechanic's stethoscope. That should help you pin point the noise.
probably the idler pully is junk and needs to be replaced
The belt tensioner can cause the belt to squeak, even though the squeaking may disappear or seem not as noticeable after a new belt is put on.
It was the tensioner pulley.
Originally posted by apolinaras@Apr 12 2004, 11:11 PM
It was the tensioner pulley.
good job detective. Yeah, my '00 had about 68k on it and the idler and tensioner went bad at the same time. It sounded like a heard of rodents were attacking my engine. It got fixed and it was all quiet again.
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