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Replaced Head Gasket..now Have ?s

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OK..replaced the head gasket on my roomates 99 Taurus OHV. Got it all buttoned up and running..runs rough and smokes out the tailpipe. Now I know I need to change the oil as a little water drained into the oil during the swap (it happens) and the smoking should go away when I change the oil (old antifreeze maybe?). Its not smokin as bad now (ran it around the block 10 minutes or so, at first I couldnt see behind me from the smoke, now it just smokes a little) but it runs a little rough still. Question for those who have had to do the head gasket..how long should it smoke and run rough? Takin it in the mornin to get the oil changed..maybe need to add something like a can of Restore or somethin. Any thoughts would be great! PS..THAT SUCKED!! (changing the head gaskets..I usually work on import bikes and cars..ALOT easier!)
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3.0L OHV's very RARELY blow headgaskets. They usually only blow if the car was overheated (or ran low on coolant). about 75% of the time the block also warps, which causes valves to hang open on some cylinders. It will either run rough or not at all.. sounds like you got lucky and it still runs.
Yeah..runs well, drove it for the 10 minutes and the smoke is almost gone now, just shdders when its sitting is all. Doesnt seem to have a loss of power, got on it a few times to see how it was, ran good. When its running it runs well, its just when its sitting it idles rough. Didint have anything done to the heads as was told not to, cast iron heads dont reallywarp they said and if it was cracked you would see it in inspection. No watter in oil when it blew, so we know we didnt crack the block. And the coolant was perfect,we had just had the cooling system flushed a week prior. Just driving down the highway..heater stopped workin, heat guage went to the top..we pulled over instantly and let it sit. Brought it home and once we got to it..put a bottle of antifreeze and water in it, started it, and you could tell it was the head gasket from the overflow fill (cap off, you could feel it sucking air and pushing). Last night I started it up and some penitrating spray was all over the serpintine belt so it sliped of, car sounded dang smooth so maybe the belts on to tight. Will check that tomorow. Anyone else got any thoughts? Thanks again in advance!
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My brother's 97 GL wagon blew a head gasket last summer. Luckily, it didn't warp the block.

ARe you getting any MIL codes? Sounds like it may be a vacuum leak - did you double-check all the vacuum lines and the PVC valve? What does a vacuum gauge read on it? A dirty MAF may also cause a rough idle, try cleaning the sensor with electrical contact cleaner - nothing else.
It took a good 20 minutes with WOT passes to burn out all the coolant in my exhaust system after I replaced my headgaskets. Also, did you replace the spark plugs? If not, that could be the problem of your rough idle as well. Where ever your coolant leak was, you probably have a nice green/yellow plug to go with it.
yeah replaced the plugs..tomorow buying new plug wires as well. Put some Bar's leak stop in it and that helped, tomorow I am getting the oil changed and an addadive, fresh gas (been sitting little over 3 months) with some cleaner..so between those 3 I am thinking it will help, if not I will go back and look for a loose hose or connection. But will say again, after tonight I am a BIG Bar's advocate!
oh and drove it around for a good 30 minutes tonight and it never threw a code..CEL light never came on, so lets see what happens!
Wait, you haven't changed the oil yet?

Man, I would be throughly shocked and amazed if you didn't ruin your beearings yet. Before you even think of turning the key after a headgasket job, replace the water contaminated oil!
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