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Hey you all - at least a few of you have probably been searching the internet, hoping to find replacement imitation rubberized or vinyl "chrome" trim strips to replace that sad OEM stuff, flaking and cracking on your vintage Bulls. I bought some 1" (25mm) from a Chinese import firm this past March when I was painting my replacement front bumper for the wagon. (Pics in another thread. Beg nicely enough and I will look it up, or you can do so yourself...you're all adults! :D )

Anyhow, I had a control test going. I had also obtained a replacement rear bumper for my son's '93 Tempo which came with good ole Made-In-USA chrome trim. I just pulled his trim off, after eight months. Faded, cracking and adhesive letting go from the bumper. The Chinese stuff I bought for my Taurus? - as bright as the day I put it on, and it survived six months of torrential rains. It still has a grip on the bumper as strong as my wife's hands on my paycheck.:eek:

My reason for this post is...up until a few months ago I could only find this stuff in 5m (16') lengths for $12 or so. Last week when I pulled the old garbage off the Tempo, I had to go looking for more. There's now an eBay supplier selling 15m lengths (about 48'-49') for $16 with free shipping, albeit the shipping's via ocean transport and be prepared to wait two weeks or so. For the Tempo I ordered ⅞" (22mm) but this retailer also sells 1" (25mm) and ¾" (19mm) widths as well for the same price. (Narrower widths also available.) Anyhow, 15m is enough to easily do both bumpers for two cars, properly cut. This is a bargain, if it's the same quality as my first purchase was.

Here's the link. Hope it helps someone - and no, I am not on their payroll. I'll follow up when I get the shipment, to let y'all know whether it's the same stuff and worth buying.
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