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Repair Poll

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I'm just curious to see the responses.
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I've spent about $1200 in repairs on my Taurus. It's now 10 years old, with almost 160,000 miles.
ive got about 3 grand worth sitting in my garage right now.
I haven't had anything go wrong with my Sable (knock on wood), but I've only had it for a little over a year. I did get $1700 worth of damage to my car when some idiot rear-ended me, but I didn't have to pay for that.
$250 deduc on an ins claim, I hit a nail and fell into a ditch, the ins co paid 2700+ but my rate went up $88/yr to $950/yr. i need to get married...LOL
the damage count isn't lookin good on the low end so far. :unsure
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I've had over a thousand dollars put into my car...all maintence tho. What do you expect a '98 sable with 160k to have?
Stupid expansion tank leaking and stupid light bulb...


This year:
$300 in esp deductables for engine, transmission and defogger backglass.
~$340 in new brake pads f/r, and f rotors + installation
$80 in EEC diag from ford which did nothing for me
~$220 spark plugs, wires, TB cleaning + installation
$96 for o2 sensors
$103 o2 sensor installation
$15 for CID sensor

Lots of wasted time $$$
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I did a full set of rotors, brake pads, and tires this year for around $500. I guess these could be considered consumables.

My only actual failed part has been a brake light switch for $15. Car has 58K on it.
6 grand this year. Tranny was replaced, Motor was replaced, Radiator, everything else under the hood minus the battery and power steering pump (which is about to die). a lot of people say that SHOs are maintenance pigs, and take a lot of money. I'm used to this thing costing me 500 a month + gas, I think its time to go to a SHO lol :p

Pretty Much the Whole Front End of My Car
The only repair that I have done is replacing the rod bearings and splicing a new wire on the alternator. I have spent over $8000 on Mods and maintenance.

over a grand...way over. on a 97 taurus with a 134,000 miles.

replaced transmission at 54000 miles
been side swiped. repairs over a grand. insurance paid.
new battery
taking out perfectly good parts to replace with so called performance parts.. way too much cash...
trillions and trillions of rotors and brake pads.. a lot of money!

and i think thats about it. besides changing burnt out headlights and taillights every single month it seems...
Only major work was the engine. All the other stuff was either maintenance or performance upgrades.
This include warranty work?
I've only had maitenece so far: trans flush, coolant flush, and a new thermostat...$200 is not too bad for a 2000 w/90k IMO
Spent $0 on 5k service and $0 on 10k service... it's got 10k miles on it. not bad for a 2002

Edit:.....but I put 34k last year on my company car a Volvo S70
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About $3000 in the first 8 months of owning the car and the air conditioning still doesn't work.
I got owned hardcore, but I still like the car. After the car kinda got "ironed out" with me, I have not had a single problem with it. I am just waiting for the tranny to go south, but the tranny shop seems to think I've got about a year before I need to worry about that.

After I:

Dropped the car, without wheels, on the ground because of my useless jack, smashing the brake rotors on the pavement. The rotors made holes in the pavement and worked fine when I put it all back together. Wtf?

Ran off the road and smashed into a snowbank. Total damage? $0.

Head on collision with another Gen 3 at around 10 mph. Total damage? $7.99. Touch up paint. Bumper.

Since the car's engine has about 44,000 miles on it and the car itself has close to 115,000, it is worth far more to me than anyone else, so it will be mine for the next few years. I will be doing some interior upgrades to it, replacing or repainting a couple panels that are dirty or shot, adding leather, etc.
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lol, whaddaya need a/c for in canada?
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