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Removing T-stat

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I am reserving myself for nex weekend to change the t-stat. Before I go ahead, I like to get some opinions here.

Should I remove the hose then remove the housing or leave the hose but remove the housing, hose attached. I think second option logical but this will be my first time doing this so I am rookie on t-stat job.

Also, do I need to know any trick or any important detail for applying the gasket?
Thanks Fellas
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I've always left the hose on when I change them. As for the gasket, just make sure you scrape all the old gasket away very good, try not to nick the metal though.
good point, I'll use dremel to clean the surface. Is the gasket coming with some sort of adhesive?
more than likley no, you can pick up a small thing of some kind of gasket goo if it makes you more comfortable, I've never used anything tho. Just make sure everything is nice and smooth. The worst thing that could happen is you get a small leak. You may get a little seepage at first, but it should go away, kind of like a new pipe on a sink.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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