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Removing Strut from Steering Knuckle - Question

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I am in the process of installing new front struts. I've removed the pincher bolt and the bolt from the sway bar endlink. I tried to beat the knuckle off the end of the strut. I made some heady way but probably have another .5" to go. I can beat the thing down some more but dont want to damage anything. Any suggestions or do I need to remove another bar? Its an 02 sable. I've been following this guys guide on youtube and everything was going fine until the 3:20 mark.

Thanks in advance.
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remove the caliper to avoid stretching the brake line. You can put a jack under the subframe, loosen the subframe bolts 3/4 of an inch or so and lower the jack to get more clearance. Definitely a PITA.
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