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Removing Rear Bumper

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How do I remove the rear bumper of my Gen 2 Wagon? I've been struggling with the bolts all day and it wont come off. There are like 3 or 4 screws that I need like a 1 inch long screwdriver to get them off. My bumper somehow slid off the round pin that holds the side of the bumper to the frame. Nothin is broken though...it just like slid off. I tried to slide it back on, but it's not very bendable. Please give me some tips...or should I just take it to a body shop?
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Well, if it's the same as the sedans, you remove the mounting brackets, then push from the back. It'll slide forward and fall down. I haven't actually taken it off, but that's how it fell off when I got rear-ended.
I know on the gen 2 front bumper, you unbolt one side fo each mounting bracket and slide it away from the car. The rear bumper should be the same way.
There should be three bolts holding each bumper shock bracket to the bumper. Remove all of these bolts. Stand behind the bumper and grasp it with both hands or better, yer, get a friend or your wife to help you. Pull the bumper back away from the car. The side extensions will slide off the plastic rollers. Place something soft and thick on the ground incase you drop the bumper so it doesn't scratch the paint. That's all there is to it.

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