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Hey guys,

I was surfing around looking for an answer to my question and came across your site, it looks really cool.

I am trying to get at the back of my 12V outlet in the console because the connector fell off the back...also there has to be about ten bucks in change floating around in there too.
I located most of the screws, but I cant seem to get the console free of the dash.

These are the screws/nuts that I found so far:
1. Under the cup holder (1 torx head screw).
2. Inside storage compartment (2 torx head screws).
3. Behind stereo deck/storage compartment (2 10mm nuts).

The back end of the console is totally loose but something is still catching near the dash. Any help you guys could offer would be great.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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