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Year Zero - Life and Death begin.
November 1973 - Richard Frost publishes "A Nice Morning Drive" in Road and Track.
February 28, 1981 - Rush release "Red Barchetta".
December 26, 1985 - Ford Motor Company releases Taurus.
August 22, 1997; 6:30am EST - Forrest enters this world.
1999 - Ford Motor Company reveals 4th gen Taurus.
February 22, 2000 - Taurus SE Special Value Group number 1FAFP55784G180849 leaves the Chicago factory and is shipped to Pennsylvania.
2010 - Family becomes 4th owner of 2000 Taurus, replacing 1997 Taurus.
2015 - Parents buy new Subaru Outback, leaves Taurus for Forrest.
July 19, 2016 - Forrest passes test for Class C Pennsylvania Driver's License.
November 2016 - Forrest becomes employed at Harbor Freight Tools of Butler, #408.

Saturday, June 16, 2018; 12:05pm EST -

It was a normal, sunny day in the middle of summertime PA. I was due to go into work. The past couple of weeks had been rough on the family, given both my grandparents were in the hospital. But otherwise, all started out as usual. I got in my car, a lovely Toreador Red Taurus. I had just put the Mach system in a few months earlier. I popped in a cassette of Geddy Lee "My Favorite Headache", stated the motor and began the usual 12 minuet drive to work. I love my job, and was looking forward to a good, well paying day. I started down South Benbrook, my usual route. It's kind of twisty and windy towards the end, but nothing I can't handle. Just several more yards before turning left into Lions road. But out of nowhere, and elderly couple in a newer white Chevy came speeding across the yellow line, on the blindest of blind bends. Oh nuts. We can do this, get on the brakes, swing to the right. They're comming. They...

I was facing the wrong way on the wrong side of the road. I have glass in my mouth. My wrist shouldn't be bent like that. The motor isn't running.




I crawled out the passenger side, onto the stretcher. I took a quick glance, a couple tires are flat. The hospital took good care of me. My parents showed up not long after, Mum was in tears. I was tired. I called my boss, he already heard. He was glad I was alive. My parents drove me home later that evening. The surgery would be in a couple weeks. My Dad drove me to the impound where she was being held. This was the first real look I saw of her.

I didn't know a human could cry that much.

And a few months later, after salvaging the stereo, she was gone.

One year later...
I've still got a scar, and pain flares up every now and again, but I still have two hands. I'm back to work, and my '06 Silver seems to be running just fine.

But it's not over. "Red Barchetta" used to be our driving song, I havn't heard it since. I think about her every night and day. We had something special. All the long, impromptu road trips, all the ditching school. at only 187,000 miles, she was young. She saved my life, and I always told her I'd do the same.

It's not over...

She's not gone...

I'll bring her back, no matter what cost, no matter how many junkyards, she'll be back.

My Best Friend. Not Lost, and Not Forgotten.


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So, progress has been slow. Really slow. Between loosing 2 jobs, a depressive spell following the sad news of Neil Peart, needing several repairs to the '06, and attending BronyCon.
My initial plan was to at least have a body and subframe painte up and ready to go, but so far, nothing. Zip, zero, nada.

However, I DID manage to secure myself a 10x20 locker, so that's a start.

Anyway, with this year's BronyCon and LTX cancelled, that leaves me more time than ever to make it happen. I'll probably end up importing one from out of state, outside the rust belt. Oh well. Expect further updates, and have a good night!
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