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Who else got a recall in the mail for that? Is it important?
For Gen4 Tauruses
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It's good to get the service done because the dealer has to do it for free. In your case, if you don't get it done, there's a cance that your brakelights won't work, and that would really suck.
Yea, get it done, its free. I had that recall "fixed" 3 times on my car. Hopefully there wont be a 4th. :blink:
Never got anything for it, but when I got an oil change a couple weeks ago and my rotors turned, they said they performed that recall.
I haven't received anything yet in the mail on my 2000. I stopped at the Ford dealer today and they said I can get it done anytime I want.
I have a question. If I go to a Ford dealer and have something like this done and tell them not to flash my PCM, are they liable for it if it is flashed? I'd hate to have $300+ in custom programming flashed away.

It's a qiuck & easy recall. I've done tons of em' already where I work. It takes at most half an hr. Basically we remove the "new" style brake on/off switch, & install the "old" style one again. Tried & true! Sometimes trying to bulid a better "mouse trap" doesn't get you anywhere!!!
Reflash??? Are we talkin' the same recall??? What #???
I would have it done. I was on a trip and the cruise wouldn't stay on then the brake lights stuck on and drained the battery. I was staying across the street from a dealership and they fixed it in about 15 inutes no charge.

Funny i have a 01 Se and i havent recieved any recall about the tauri. what exactly got recalled?
It's for late model G4s. The early ones are affected. The brake switch got redesigned and it caused more problems than it did good so they are putting in the old design brake switches in it's place. Also, there's a air filter recall because it could catch on fire.
I heard about the air filter recall. But all they said was that they had to replace the filter. I told them I just replaced it when I changed the oil. I got a Fram. They didn't say it could catch on fire. How is that possible? And will the Fram do the same thing?
I think in had something to do with the material in the factory filter that made it flammable. Any aftermarket filter should be fine.
Update!!! I just got my recall letter on Saturday. :banana:
Which filter was it, the cabin or engine air filter? I suppose that I should assume these recalls apply to my gen4 Sable and get in.
It was the air filter, all you have to do is just go to Auto Zone and buy one.
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