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From: Josh [mailto:#####]
Sent: Tuesday, 17 January 2006 1:09 AM
To: 'Ford Customer Relationship Team'
Subject: RE: Customer Assistance, ref to 'Tony', Ford Customer Relations
Importance: High

Hi Anita,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

You checked your Ford Database, the Australian Ford Database? Don’t bother; I’d be better off asking my cat LOL. I’ll give you some background: did you know I have to service my own vehicle because the Ford Service place I took it to (Cumberland Ford in Blacktown) in relation to a stall issue changed the fluid when I specifically told them not too. But to make things even worse that put the wrong oils in it and didn’t even know how to change a vacuum hose (yet still billed me for this) and I had to fight with them to get them to have it all corrected and the bill fixed (which is still wrong), this included involvement of your Customer Relations Department. I was given a Fuel Filter as compensation for my trouble.after many hours on the phone with the acting dealer principal who was a most vulgar character. I’m still approx $40 out of pocket for incorrect fluids. My mother was advised by Ford Australia’s Customer Relations Department to contact ‘Tony’ in writing. I have quite a busy schedule so I haven’t been able to take the time to do this –hence my writing this email at 1:00 AM, time probably better spent sleeping.

As I said in my message to you via the Ford Customer Inquiry form on Ford Australia’s website, the AMERICAN Ford recall database -http://www.ford.com/en/vehicles/owners/recalls/default.htm lists my car as an affected vehicle. If my car happens to roll down a hill and kill someone because the park gear hasn’t engaged should I refer the negligence suit onto you or your employer? Please, just visit this page of your parent company’s website and enter my VIN, 1FALP53S3TA289785. I have attached a screen capture of this page for your reference. Furthermore –having to service my vehicle myself I have subscribed to www.alldata.com a Vehicle Technical Database in the US. This site had a copy of the letter that Ford had sent to US owners of the Taurus in September 1996 regarding this recall which I have pasted below…

Mr. John Sample
123 Main Street
Anywhere, USA 12345
This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.
Ford Motor Company has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 1996 Continental, Taurus and Sable vehicles equipped with AX4N automatic transaxles.
Safety Defect
The automatic transaxle park mechanism may not prevent the wheels of the vehicle from rolling as if in neutral when the transaxle shift lever is firmly placed in the "PARK" position.
Although the possibility of an unattended vehicle being free to move can be prevented by fully setting the parking brake - a precaution that should be followed whenever you park - we urge you to have this recall completed promptly.
At no charge to you, your dealer will inspect your vehicle and, if necessary, install a new park pawl shaft in the transaxle. The repair will involve some disassembly of the transaxle.
How Long Will It Take?
The time needed for this service is about two hours. However, due to service scheduling times, your dealer may need your vehicle for a longer period.
Call Your Dealer
Call your dealer without delay. Ask for a service date and whether parts are in stock for Safety Recall 96S51.
If your dealer does not have the parts in stock, they can be ordered before scheduling your service date. Parts would be expected to arrive within a week.
When you bring your vehicle in, show the dealer this letter.
If you misplace this letter, your dealer will still do the work, free of charge.
Always set the parking brake fully and remove the ignition key whenever you leave your vehicle.
Changed Address Or Sold The Vehicle?
Please fill out the enclosed prepaid postcard and mail it to us if you have changed your address or sold the vehicle.
If the dealer doesn't make the repair promptly and without charge, you may contact the Ford Customer Assistance Center, 300 Renaissance Center, P.O. Box 43360, Detroit, Michigan 48243. You also may send a complaint to the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20590 or call the toll free Auto Safety Hotline 1-800-424-9393 (Washington, D.C. area residents may call 366-0123).
We regret the inconvenience this service may cause you, but we want you to have the work done for your safety and satisfaction with your Ford-built vehicle.

Tell me, do I need to write to Detroit?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not getting angry with you Anita, but am disgusted with Ford Australia’s level of customer service with the Taurus. They seem to want nothing to do with it and Ford Service Mechanics which profess to ‘know [my] Ford better than anyone’ have no idea whatsoever when it comes to minor service.

If you are unable to honour the recall due to lack of training to service staff or unavailability of the required part to honour the recall please at least acknowledge its existence and tell me what I should do next. Since this is a quite serious safety recall I am extremely disappointed with Ford Australia’s lack of accuracy in its so called ‘database’.

I pity the owners of late model and current Explorers, Escapes, Fietas and Focus’. Please tell me this, once Ford Australia decides to pull these from the market will their owners be thrown on the trash heap with us Taurus owners?? –The people that played a part to Ford’s failed import marketing charade.

If this is going to be the example of how Ford Australia treats its ‘prestige’ (and I quote the word prestige from the last page of my owner’s manual) import model owners then my family of Ford owners will never purchase a Ford again. Which is quite a shame really because I was planning to purchase the new 2006 Explorer Limited later this year upon its release. However, this example of my experience with my import Taurus is making me think that maybe I should look elsewhere if this is how Ford Australia treats it ‘prestige’ import owners.

It seems obvious that you are unable to assist me further. I would like this matter to be referred to Tony of your Customer Relations Department. Besides, my correspondence to Tony regarding the mentioned Cumberland Ford (Blacktown) incident is long overdue and I would hate to see another customer fall ill of their lack of listening skills and technical knowledge. In addition to this, it scares me that an establishment of such low integrity can bear the good name of Ford.

Thank you for your assistance and have a great day! 
- Josh

From: Ford Customer Relationship Team [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 9 January 2006 5:41 PM
To: '#'
Subject: Re: Customer Assistance

Dear Joshua,
Thank you for your e-mail to Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (Ford Australia).

With the VIN number you have supplied for your 1996 Ford Taurus, I have done a search on our Ford database. From this I can see there are no recalls/requests outstanding as of this email.

We hope this helps you and thank you for taking the time to contact Ford Australia.

Kind Regards,
Anita Wozniak
Customer Service Representative
Ford Customer Relationship Centre
Address: Private Mail Bag 5 Campbellfield VIC 3061
Phone: 13 36 73 (13 FORD) (Local Call)
Email: [email protected]
For the latest updates, visit www.ford.com.au
This message is confidential and is intended only for the
person to whom it is addressed, and may not be
retransmitted, disseminated or relied upon by any other
If you have received this e-mail in error, please let us know
by reply email and then delete it from your system,
including any copies. We apologise for any inconvenience
caused and thank you for your cooperation.
From: Josh
Phone: 02 XXX
Address: XXX


I am writing regarding my Ford Taurus 1996 DN, VIN 1FALP53S3TA289785.
There is a recall on my car and I am not aware of this check being carried
out. More information can be found in TSB '96S51 INSPECTION/MODIFICATION
AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE PARK MECHANISM'. The Ford US website lists my car as
one of those affected. You can check for recalls on US manufactured Fords
at http://www.ford.com/en/vehicles/owners/recalls/default.htm
I am the second owner, the records for the car do not indicate that this
item has been checked.

Could someone please contact me regarding this recall.

Thank you
- Josh
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just try not to let it piss you off too much. That is totally not overboard tho. You need to find a repair center that is competant around you. If you cannot, I do not know what to say. Good luck.
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