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Hello Folks,

My 2000 Tuarus Wagon with 84,000mi. is at issue here...

Today as I was driving I began hearing a metal on metal scraping sound from my drivers rear wheel. Upon pulling over and investigating I noticed a flat semi-circular piece of metal wedged inside the inner part of the rim - that's what was making the scraping noise. I loosened the lugs and began jacking her up when the rusted semi-circular piece of tin (metal) fell to the ground.

The piece of metal is pictured and I think I know what it is. Correct me please but is it the splash guard or heat dissipator from the rear spindle? The piece belongs attached to the inside of the (what I am calling a spindle) the part behind the disc brake assembly. I verified this by checking out the other rear wheel. I would assume it protects the disc - caliper - from stones and splashing water or it may also be used to dissipate heat from the discs.

So, am I safe driving with this forever removed? Can it be replaced (is it riveted into place) or do I need to replace an entire rear spindle? How much does that cost? Do I need to bother? My wise arse mechanic took it and flung it into the junk heap and said that when it fell to the ground I solved my problem and not to worry about it but it's not his car and he is not behind the wheel driving my dear 4 other family members.

Can my Taurus live without it? What is your opinion / advice?

I would appreciate any help!




1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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