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Wondering how to remove that small rear window in the rear on a 1991 SHO (I assume its the same from 86-95). My service manual DVD only covers 96-06.

Didn't find anything through search. Thanks B)

Forgot to check SHOForum...here's the procedure listed over there:
The Helm procedure for the '92 doesn't look fun:
1. Remove Angel wing quarter trim panel.
2. From inside vehicle, use screwdriver to remove spring retainers and with pliers break off plastic clip from quarter window module.
3. Using a 914mm (3') length of single strand steel music wire (smallest OD available) cut urethane seal around entire edge of quarter window.
3a force wire through seal at bottom of window module
3b with one tech holding end of wire inside vehicle, other tech should work wire around edge of module to cut seal
4. If glass is broken (won't bother - your isn't)
5. Remove urethane from flange as close to sheet metal as possible using razor blade or utility knife.
6.Using clean brush apply urethane metal (Body) primer WSB-M2G234-C or equivalent to any sheet metal that has been exposed along window opening flange. 30min dry
7. use urethane cleaner blah blah
8. apply urethane glass primer blah blah
9. apply bead of high viscosity urethane adhesive to track on inside surface of the window 8mm (0.32in) base and 14mm (0.55in) high
10. press glas into place
11. install spring retinaers
12 install angel wing quarter trim.[/b]
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