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Anyone with rear discs, most cars use the parking brake in the caliper. Pic of the tool to twist the piston back for new pads. Most important is to not put any pressure on the piston while twisting it in. The plate is in the picture is not necessary but it keeps the screw aligned and the pins engaged. When the piston hits bottom, you can continue to turn to align the slots. I did a Buick today and found it easier to put the yoke back with one bolt and the caliper with one bolt without the rotor in place. This holds the caliper for turning the piston. I did not need to use the plate, just stuck the tool in and twisted the T-handle.

For some in the weeds info, pics of what is inside the G-4 Bull. The parking brake screw in the caliper moves out a small amount with the lever, it does not turn. The sleeve in the piston can turn when it is pulled on, but not when pushed. When the parking brake is released the sleeve can turn a tiny bit and adjust the parking brake slack. What is inside seems a bit complicated, but that is just my opinion.



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